Measurable Outcomes

While the smile on a rider's face is evidence of a positive experience, our student survey responses are a more powerful and compelling testimony to the many benefits of Equine Assisted Therapies and Activities.

  • 96% have seen an increase in self esteem and confidence due to program participation

  • 83% report improved posture of shoulders and back

  • 92% have increased trunk strength and balance due to riding

  • 84% report an increase in attention and concentration

  • 55% are better able to show empathy and compassion for the feelings of others

  • 80% experienced improvement in eye/hand coordination

  • 65% report an increase in patience and impulse control

  • 72% report improvement in communication skills

  • 50% showed improvements in self care

  • 33% showed improvements in bowel and bladder management

  • 89% reported positive changes in psychological adjustment

  • 100% of survey responders say that they would recommend the SMILES program to others