Parent Testimonials


"Being able to ride every month has helped Wyatt tremendously in and out of school. When Wyatt is on a riding schedule, his attention span, concentration and grades always increase. When he is not riding, his focus falters and his social skills drop."

Dorothy McElroy




"Karl is a 76 year old man, that when he enters the doors of SMILES, you would never guess it by his excitement. The moment we get into the car to leave for home, he starts talking about the next session! SMILES has given him something to look forward to every week, it has boosted his self esteem and his self confidence."

Janelle Jensen




"When we first came to SMILES, my son struggled with a lot of issues. Physically he had balance problems so bad that he couldn't ride even a tricycle without tipping over when he turned. Within a few weeks he was two-pointing on lead. He now two-point trots off lead. One of Jessie's favorite memories is when he and his horse Jeff won red light/green light two-pointing with airplane arms."

"I will always be grateful for all the therapist two and four legged that work at SMILES... it is because of them that Jessie attends school regularly, accepts defeat gracefully, braves new challenges, and made lasting friendships."

Melissa Crider



"The self esteem he has gained from this program cannot be measured by any of us with 'normal' mobility.  He climbs out of this wheelchair and onto the back of that special horse and he is an equal with the rest of the world.  He is in control and becomes a part of this beautiful animal's mobility."    

Vicki Cleland