2017 Memorials And Dedications as of June


In Memory of Chad Kelley

By: Erdman, Norm and Diane

Klug, George

Pintozzi, Anthony and Maureen

Stran, Mike & Gay



In Memory Charlotte Hanson

By:  Block, David and Dorothy



In Memory of Elsie Croft

By:  Borg Indak Inc.



In Honor of Geoff Sugden

By:  Blair, Cindy



In Honor of Gloria Reed

By:  Thwaits, Marilyn



In Memory of Harold Smage

By:  Campisano, Fred & Karen

Monty, Sherry

Napientek, Gwynne



In Honor of Jennie Thompson's Retirement

By:  Walworth County Courthouse Employees



In Memory of Kathryn Kowalczyk

By:  Abbvie

Kowalczyk, Angela



In Memory of Margaret A. Langer

By:  Arnold, Lee and Rita

Gillingham, Karen

Gross, Olive and Donald

Langer, Mark and Anita

Warren, Mark and Lori



In Memory of Margaret Rowin

By:  Scott, Christine




In Memory of Maureen E. Kelly

By:  Foley, Judith

Habegger, Laura

Hennessy, Marilyn

Macfarlane, Margaret

Montelione, Julia