Image April

"All About April" or April as she's called around the barn, is a 12 year old Paint mare. Before coming to SMILES, April was a trail horse who lived out in Nebraska with her owner. After moving to Wisconsin, April's owner started volunteering at SMILES and realized what a great fit SMILES would be for her horse. Knowing this she decided to lease April to SMILES at the end of last year. Being a volunteer here, April's owner was able to help the SMILES staff get April ready to become a therapeutic riding horse. Her short stature and nice, spunky walk are great for younger riders, and she's known around the barn for being quite a talker. Always quick to nicker at visitors, this sweet mare is a great fit for SMILES!

Thank you Arlene and the rest of The Rauland Agency Inc. for sponsoring April!