"He's So Hot"

Image "He's So Hot"

“He’s So Hot” is a 9 year old Standardbred gelding who was donated to SMILES by Bo and Vicky DeLong. Before coming to SMILES, “He’s So Hot” had an outstanding racing career as a pacer, however his career was cut short early on due to an injury. Family and friends saw more potential in this sweet gelding, and so family friend and SMILES instructor Katey McClymont took him on as a project to turn him into a therapy horse.
Although students are excited to ride a race horse, they are surprised to learn that “He’s So Hot” is surprisingly slow and easy-going, making him a great addition to the SMILES herd!

SMILES would like to thank Bo and Vicky DeLong for this wonderful horse and for their sponsorship of him for another year.

-Photo courtesy of John Borys