O'l Dollar

Image O'l Dollar

Ol' Dollar is a 13 year old registered Paint gelding. With his western stock horse stature, his owner decided to name him after a John Wayne movie horse, Ol' Dollar. He was born May 13, 2004. The day he was purchased by his owner, two five-year-old twins were riding him "double" in the ring. If that doesn't tell you how gentle and docile he is, I don't know what could! Dollar walked into SMILES like he had been here his entire life. Although he has only been here for a few short months, Dollar has taken to all of the class props, the SureHands Lift, and Fall Session happenings in stride. He has been a true gentleman and SMILES could not be happier to have him as a part of the team.

SMILES would like to thank Frank Cannella for sponsoring this sweet gelding for one year.