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Sports Network is a 12 year old black Tennessee Walker gelding. Sport was born in Shelbyville, TN on October 2, 2005. He and Ol' Dollar came as a pair, and what a dynamic duo they have become! Prior to coming to SMILES, Sport was used for trail riding and was able to winter in the South Carolina with his owner every year. Although a Wisconsin winter might not be exactly what Sport had in mind, it seems that becoming a therapy horse is EXACTLY what he was meant to do. I'm not sure if SMILES has met a more charismatic, personality filled horse before. Some of Sport's mannerisms even resemble a puppy dog, complete with licks! He approaches every prop and obstacle with curiosity and playfulness. We've even caught him carrying the cones and hula-hoops around the arena! Sport's natural gait is very different from a standard horse, which provides a smooth and wide base for his riders. A unique and desired trait for therapeutic riding!

SMILES would like to thank Frank Cannella for sponsoring this sweet gelding for one year.