United Way Day of Caring

SMILES benefits from local businesses providing United Way with volunteers to go out into the community on Day of Caring

SMILES Volunteers Lead United Way Volunteers in Facility Projects

Image SMILES Volunteers Lead United Way Volunteers in Facility Projects

On Wednesday, September 18, 2013 SMILES facility hosted over 50 United Way volunteers as they worked to help improve the facility. The weather was questionable for the day but ended up being a beautiful day which enabled lots of work to be done both inside and outside. The variety of projects was vast, from working on building improvement to deep cleaning inside the facility.  During the day there were fence lines added, and brush cleared from the back fence of the property. There were several crews that helped groom the Sensory Garden; as well as, the sensory trail and outdoor arena. Attention was given to the indoor arena by a morning crew that cleaned the arena and swept the mounting area. The barn aisle and stalls were cleaned, as were the tack rooms, feed rooms, and the offices. The SMILES volunteers helped to put on a generous lunch spread, that was appreciated by all of the hard workers. After the long day of hard work, the SMILES facility looked absolutely beautiful, and was ready to be shown off to the public at the Student Horse Show and Open House that following Saturday. SMILES extends a heartfelt “Thank You” to the United Way volunteers that came to help the organization, as well as the SMILES volunteers that that may the day possible by bringing dishes to share, and being team leads for the day!