Horses and students alike were able to show their talents to the crowd of onlookers during Saturday's horse show. SUPERSTAR Student Horse Show

Image SUPERSTAR Student Horse Show

On Saturday, September 21, SMILES students participated in the second annual Superstar Student Horse Show. Riders were each able to show off the skills sets that they have learned to their family and friends. They also had an opportunity to show off their horse to the cheers of the crowd! They helped themselves, and their friends, as they raised pledges for SMILES. Student pledges totaled almost $5,000. and were applied to the client Scholarship Fund. More riders will benefit as a result of this heartwarming event that is filled with pride!

SMILES Riders Show Off Their Skills

Image SMILES Riders Show Off Their Skills




On September 21, 2013 SMILES hosted a Superstar Student Horse Show that enabled their students to showcase their riding abilities. SMILES, a non-profit organization which provides therapeutic riding lessons for individuals with disabilities, provided Horsemanship classes for each different skill level in order to enable each rider some time in the spotlight. Ryan Prince, a local Equine Professional, was the guest judge for the event, and let each student know what they excelled at. Students each received a trophy for their efforts, and then participated in a relay race as well.



SMILES horseback riding lessons provide many diverse benefits to riders. Riders see an improvement in communication skills, enhanced hand eye coordination, and they are encouraged in self expression and creativity. Horses offer a platform on which self-control, confidence, responsibility, self-esteem and positive behaviors can be built. The different movement delivered by the horse impacts the rider’s muscle tone, balance, strength, and flexibility. The rhythmic motion of the horse improves respiratory capacity and therefore speech is enhanced as well.