The HEARTS Program (Horse Experiences & Activities Resulting in Therapeutic Success) offers diverse equine assisted activities to many, including those for whom riding is not an option.

Riding is just one way that the horse benefits people, with and without disabilities. For some individuals, riding is not an option for medical reasons, lack of an appropriately sized or gaited horse, or because of fear or anxiety.

Being around the horse – handling it, bonding with it, caring for it, and just watching its graceful movements creates tranquility. The sensory opportunities are unlimited. The feel of the horse’s warm breath on your cheek, his whiskers on your hand, hearing it nicker with appreciation, the sweet smell of the hay and grain benefit both mind and body.

The many un-mounted activities available through the HEARTS program may include learning to line drive the horses, caring for their needs, and spending quality time with a special friend.

For those unable to ride the horse, caring and sharing with them, and the interaction that develops is therapy for the senses and the soul.