Sherry Monty Scholarship Fund

Image Sherry Monty Scholarship Fund

Accessibility to our classes is often not a matter of facility and adaptations, but a financial matter. SMILES strives to provide services to clients with financial need, to turn no one away. Availability of Scholarship Funds make this possible. Your gift to the Scholarship Fund will make Equine Assisted Therapy possible for riders who demonstrate financial need through our scholarship application process. It is our goal to restore our riders to their optimum number of sessions per year, provide continuity in their services, and increase class time opportunity for every one of our clients. The Scholarship Fund makes this goal a reality for students who would otherwise be unable to participate and benefit from Therapeutic Riding. Someone very special will meet their horse for the first time, achieve therapeutic goals while upon that horse, and all of this will be made possible due to your kindness and generosity.

How much does SMILES charge?

The calculated real cost for one of our riders to be sitting in the saddle and participating in one class (45 minutes) is currently $116.39.  Students who pay in advance are charged only $30 per class.  This represents a subsidy of 74.2%.  SMILES relies on the generosity of the community to help us to match this unmet need. Please consider a donation.