Join Us as a Volunteer


Witness the benefits of our program first hand, and enjoy the satisfaction of making a difference in someone's life. We invite you to consider participating in horse related, and non-horse related, volunteer opportunities at SMILES. Volunteer responsibilities during classes include side walking and leading horses. Horse care responsibilities include grooming, tacking, and stall cleaning. Fundraising events and related committees also require volunteers. Simple office tasks, as well as facility maintenance, are accomplished with volunteers. Professionals in many fields offer their ‘in-kind’ services (construction, landscaping, engineering, photography, gardening, computers, accounting, and law) to help SMILES defer costs. Currently over 300 volunteers serve the SMILES program, having provided over 10,159 hours of service in 2011. Repeatedly our volunteers are awarded recognitions of excellence through NAHRA/PATH International. SMILES has twice received their Volunteer of the Year Award, and more than six times, their Regional Volunteer Award. Recently SMILES was recognized with ‘The Green Bay Packers Community Quarterback Award’, a grant in honor of one very dedicated individual. Please consider joining this group of dedicated, caring, and talented individuals.


"Everybody can be great, because anybody can serve."

Martin Luther King, Jr.


"This is the greatest place I have ever been involved with.  I think that SMILES is such a gift.  I love being here with the horses, the volunteers, staff and amazing students!"

SMILES Volunteer